The Volvo S60 has a rep for being powerful, sleek, high-tech and safe. It's also refine and handsome inside and out. Beyond good looks and tech, our Volvo Cars of Roanoke team members are huge fans of Volvo S60's performance features. Such features are partly why this ride continues to be so popular among luxury compact SUVs. Take the following two performance features for examples.

Adjustable Suspension

Sometimes you need more or less suspension to overcome tricky roads and terrain inside and outside of Roanoke. Volvo S60 comes equipped with a Four-C Active Chassis. The chassis adjusts its suspension for optimal comfort and handling when you select drive mode settings like Comfort, Eco and Dynamic.

Easy Does it Uphill or Downhill

Switching between brake and gas to ascend or descend can be tricky. With Volvo S60's Hill Start Assist, the brakes remain engaged momentarily after you shift your foot from brake pedal to gas. This gives you time to start uphill or downhill with more confidence and control.

Get to know these and other Volvo S60 performance features with a test drive at Volvo Cars of Roanoke today.



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