Safety features of the Volvo S90 put it in a class all of its own. There are a lot of people who buy this vehicle singularly for the fact that it is equipped with so many safety features. You have things like the pre-tensioners, the anti-whiplash features, and the airbags that come in from every angle.

The airbags alone are different from what most other vehicles have on them. Typically, the airbags of a car are just at the front. However, this is not the only direction that a person can be thrown when they are in an accident. There are knee airbags, overhead airbags, and so much more. You would be surprised to learn just how many places the makers of this vehicle have decided to put in some airbags. They want their customers to understand that they are looking out for them no matter what happens. This is the Volvo S90.

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