Your car's alternator is arguably one of its most important, most overlooked parts. The alternator generates electricity when your car is in motion, supplying electrical power to recharge your car's battery and fuel your car's electrical systems. Our team at Volvo Cars of Roanoke often gets asked, "What's an alternator?" Here's a brief intro.

Harnessing Mechanical Power

Just like a windmill or a watermill, your alternator changes the mechanical power of your vehicle's motion into electrical power that your car's electrical systems can use. The alternator also ensures your battery has enough juice to crank the ignition and turn the engine over after you insert your key.

Doing Your Own Troubleshooting

A visit to our service department at Roanoke dealership is the best way to ascertain the root of your alternator or battery issues. However, there is a useful test you can run on your own. Jump your car from dead and then remove the cables. Start the car. If it keeps running, your alternator's not to blame. If your car dies shortly thereafter, your alternator probably needs careful attention or replacement.

Pop over to see us today, and let our factory-trained team of techs get to the root of your car battery or alternator issues.



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