Busy drivers know that certain features within their cars, such as auto-dimming rearview mirrors, make getting around Roanoke easier. At Volvo Cars of Roanoke, we want to ensure that not only do those features aid you in your driving, but that you know how they work. Often, the technology behind those features is more fascinating than you’d think.

Auto-dimming mirrors work by using two sensors to detect light and glare from another car’s headlights. A charge is then sent through a special electrochromic gel. The gel is what truly makes the auto-dimming feature work. When the charge hits the gel, the gel undergoes oxidation-reduction reactions. These reactions are what cause the mirror to dim. This in turn reduces glare, which makes driving safer.

Now that you know how an auto-dimming mirror works, we would love to have you see one in action. Come in and test drive one of our vehicles for the full experience.


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