Volvo XC90 Performance Features

The performance features in cars have been steadily improving every year for the past few decades. As engineers work hard to improve performance, consumers all around the country benefit. Volvo Cars of Roanoke of Roanoke, VA is especially excited about the various performance features of the brand new 2019 model of one of the most popular luxury SUV's on the road today, the Volvo XC90.

This SUV includes all-wheel drive standard on all models. This means that even in the snow and pouring rain, the XC90 will be up for the challenge. Not only will your car handle better, but you and your family will be safer thanks to the better control.

Additionally, this luxury SUV includes start and stop technology which helps improve the performance of the car from a fuel economy perspective. This way, when you stop, the engine will also stop. Then, when you go to accelerate, it will turn back on and keep you moving forward.

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