See the Performance Features of the Volvo S60 in Roanoke

When you want to see the performance of the Volvo S60, a trip to Volvo Cars of Roanoke is in order. We can take you on a test drive to show you just how smoothly the vehicle handles. You’ll quickly understand why the S60 is such a popular luxury sedan.

One of the top features is the presence of drive mode settings. You can find the mode that works well for your driving habits. Perhaps you’ll want eco mode to focus on fuel efficiency. Then again, you might want dynamic mode for a sportier feel.

Another great feature is the option of an all-wheel-drive transmission. With some trim levels, AWD is standard. You can look forward to better acceleration as well as more traction. It can make it easier to drive in inclement weather, such as rain and snow. Plus, if you live in mountainous terrain, it offers an improved feel on the road.

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