Stay Safe in Traffic in the Volvo V90

When traffic is heavy in Roanoke, it's important to work harder to stay safe. The Volvo V90, a popular luxury wagon, can help you accomplish that goal. As you drive, special features make it easier to react quickly when you need it most.

All Volvo V90 models come standard with City Safety technology. This support system automatically brakes for you when the car in front of you stops suddenly, preventing collisions. It's designed specifically for low speeds, so it works efficiently in stop-and-go traffic.

As you drive in the city, your headlights help other drivers see you coming. That's why the V90 is built with daytime running lights. They come on automatically, so you can stay visible at all times.

Traffic is inevitable — with the V90's safety features, you can navigate crowded roads with ease. To see for yourself, check out the V90 at Volvo Cars of Roanoke.



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