Good Safety Features Tucked Into the Volvo V90

Safety is something drivers want, and we want to give it to them. Thankfully, automakers like Volvo have supplied Volvo Cars of Roanoke with various models with safety features we love.

Safety With Volvo

Volvo wants you to feel as safe as you can while driving through Roanoke, and it offers the following features for you:
  • Rear collision warning system that will tighten your seatbelt and anyone else's to optimize your position and keep you safe. It uses cameras and sensors to predict a collision before it happens.
  • Run-off road mitigation uses your cameras and sensors to ensure you stay on the road. Running off the road can be a dangerous accident, so having a system that can keep you safe is a good thing.
Hopefully, some of these points make it easier for you to know why the Volvo V90 is a good option. Take a test drive when you are ready to find out if this is the Volvo you belong in.



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