The Volvo S90 Is Equipped With Great Exterior Features

The Volvo S90 is a luxury sedan with plenty of room to accommodate up to five adult passengers in a comfortable manner. This vehicle comes equipped with a multitude of features that make driving fun and provide a safe driving experience. When it comes to exterior features, the Volvo S90 has much to offer.

One of the features available on the Volvo S90 is a sunroof. This roof is power-operated so that you can easily open and close the sunroof. The sunroof allows the Volvo S90 to have a more roomy and open feel. It allows you to let the breeze in on a mild summer day.

The Volvo S90 also features power side mirrors. When you pull into a parking spot that is a little tight, you can fold in the side mirrors so that you don't have to worry about the mirrors being clipped by another vehicle parked nearby.



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